Date of Submission

Spring 4-29-2019

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Adeel Khalid


Field Service Products (FSPA) in Atlanta, GA provides Siemens Energy, Inc., with tool sets and systems used to work on Power Generation Equipment. When the FSPA receives the tool systems back from the customer, there is a window of 90 days in which the FSPA must verify that the tool systems were returned complete and operational. If the verification process happens within the 90-day window and something is missing from the system, the FSPA can bill the customer for the missing or damaged items. If the tool system is verified outside of the 90-day window, the FSPA must replace any missing tools out of their own budget. Systems awaiting verification are monitored by the 90-Day List. Upon the groups arrival at the TCIF, there were 168 sets and systems still on the 90-Day List but outside of the allowed verification window.

Using Six Sigma as a model for the improvement process, our team set out to identify and improve turnaround times for tools and systems on the 90-Day List by concentrating on “the majors”, Tool A Set and Tool Set B. Using financial analysis, simulation, and queuing theory, our team came up with three possible solutions to the problem and used a weighted matrix to determine the best possible solution.

Our group suggests that the TCIF adds an “assessor” within the receiving department who has the sole responsibility of assessing tool systems up on their arrival. The wages of the assessor are easily covered by the money saved from replacing missing tools in “the majors” when the sets are inspected outside of the 90-day window.