Date of Submission

Spring 4-29-2019

Project Type

Senior Design


Aerospace Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid


The goal of this design was to develop an extreme altitude rescue helicopter capable of retrieving hikers stranded on top of Mount Everest. Using the Eurocopter AS350 as a baseline, a conceptual model was produced that is fully capable of hovering and delivering forward flight at the desired altitude of 8,848 meters. Combined blade element momentum theory, proper airfoil selection, and forward flight calculations were utilized in order to optimize the rotor for the given flight conditions on top of Mount Everest. Conceptual fluid dynamics and CAD modeling aided in the process of visually designing the fuselage and rotor. Not only are these visual aids available, but they also produced data on how the fuselage and rotor will react to the environment around them. Other analyses were introduced in order to accurately calculate the economic feasibility, the reliability, and the efficiency of the overall system.