Date of Submission


Project Type

Senior Design


Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Adeel Khalid, Ph.D.


This report provides an analysis and evaluation on the Average Handle Time performed at Class A. The Universal, Shipping, International, Tracking, InfoNotice, Amazon, Field Support Group, and Preferred Customer Associates call types are evaluated in this study. An Average Handle Time Standard is created, while meeting the appropriate sample size, covering multiple site locations, at various times of the day and days of the week, and meeting corporate quality expectations. Methods of cost analysis, Six Sigma, and optimization are utilized in this study. The V-Process Model is used to verify the system. The implementation and results served as the verification approach to monitor and compare the changes in Average Handle Time across sites. The minimum success criteria set for this project is to decrease annual Average Handle Time spending by 10%. After implementation of the Adjusted AHT Standard, Class A spends an estimate of $38,676,988.75 on handle time. This is $9,613,696.45 less than before implementation and a reduction of 19.91%. All calculations and details can be found in the appendices. The recommendation on how to hold sites accountable for their Average Handle Time is to implement a benefit/ penalty system by percent effective.