Date of Submission


Project Type

Senior Design


Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Adeel Khalid, Ph.D.


Vanderlande Industries is the global market leader in the value added logistic process automation for airports, the parcel market, warehouses, and e-commerce. The company’s extensive portfolio of integrated solutions results in fast, reliable and efficient automation technology. The VI Marietta office supports airport sites that have an operational BHS. These sites hire VI to operate and maintain the site. Preventive, corrective, and emergency maintenance is completed on the equipment to maintain operational success. Usually, the U.S. sites that are supported have BHS systems that are old and worn down. It is important for VI to determine the risk of maintaining such a system. A health condition assessment process will be designed to determine the health of the system, while finding the assets and components that are most critical. A process is created where the system, assets and components are individually evaluated to determine a total score which altogether sums to equal the health condition rating of the overall system. The DMADV methodology which stands for define, measure, analyze, design, and verify is used throughout the project. Several of the following Six Sigma tools were used: SIPOC diagram, translation of VOC, Kano Analysis, Surveys, Process Mapping, and Statistical Analysis. Statistical analysis was performed with historical data using the Pareto analysis to determine which asset to focus on. The MF1-DV (a high-speed diverter) was chosen because it had the highest CM/PM ratio. The tool determines the health condition of the MF1-DV for when there is data available for a site. The ‘data available’ tool graded the asset with a 62%. A health index table was constructed so the users can easily interpret and seek a recommended action for each score outcome. In this case, the recommendation for the MF1-DV is to perform a root cause analysis of the CM work orders. A visual inspection tool was also created when there is no data available on site.