KSU ParkSynk

Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2024

Project Type

Senior Design

Degree Name

Industrial and Systems Engineering Bachelors Degree


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid

Secondary Advisor

Dr. Greg Wiles


The KSU ParkSync project at Kennesaw State University's Marietta campus addresses critical challenges in parking management through the integration of smart technologies and user-centered design. This initiative deploys a mobile application coupled with advanced sensor systems to enhance real-time parking availability monitoring, thus significantly improving campus traffic flow and parking space utilization. By enabling students and faculty to check and reserve parking spots on the go, KSU ParkSync aims to reduce time spent searching for parking, alleviate congestion, and minimize the walking distance to campus facilities. The system utilizes a combination of real-time data processing, user-friendly mobile interfaces, and dynamic allocation algorithms to ensure optimal parking management. This approach not only supports the academic mission by reducing logistical barriers but also aligns with the university’s sustainability goals by decreasing unnecessary vehicular emissions and optimizing the use of existing parking infrastructure.

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