Date of Award

Spring 1-3-2016

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS)



Committee Chair

Dr. Tommie Nelms and Dr. Marie Bremner

First Committee Member

Dr. Patricia Hart

Second Committee Member

Dr. Genie Dorman

Third Committee Member

Dr. Lewis VanBrackle

Fourth Committee Member

Dr. Libba McMillan


Approximately 213,000 deaths occur in hospitals each year as a result of preventable adverse events (James, 2013). Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS®) is an evidence-based teamwork curriculum intended to minimize preventable adverse events through improved medical team performance. One way to provide evidence of team performance is through evaluation. The Team Performance Observation Tool (TPOT) is a TeamSTEPPS®curriculum instrument that can be utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of team performance. In 2014, TeamSTEPPS®2.0 was released and an updated version of the TPOT was published. Limited reports of validity and reliability of the TPOT are currently available. The utility of the instrument is restricted due to this limited knowledge.

The purpose of this descriptive, quantitative study was to establish baseline psychometric properties of the TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 TPOT. Using the Dickinson and McIntyre Teamwork Model as a guiding theoretical framework, fifty-one TeamSTEPPS®trained healthcare professionals were recruited to review a series of up to five pre-recorded, 10-minute simulated team emergency scenarios. Study participants evaluated the recordings using the TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 TPOT instrument along with the Team Emergency Assessment Measure (TEAM) to establish concurrent validity. Data analysis provided baseline psychometric properties of the TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 TPOT via content, construct, and concurrent validity. Reliability measures included internal consistency, test-retest, and inter rater analysis.

Study findings suggest a modified version of the TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 TPOT is valid and reliable. Evidence has been provided to support the use of a revised TPOT instrument for healthcare team training. Improved performance of healthcare teams holds promise to improve the safety of the medical care provided and decrease the rate of preventable adverse events.

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Nursing Commons