Date of Award

Summer 6-22-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctorate of Education


Bagwell College of Education

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Nicholas Clegorne

Second Advisor

Dr. Albert Jimenez

Third Advisor

Dr. Chinasa Elue


Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is a method of education that promotes an inclusive and empowered learning environment by acknowledging and valuing students varied cultural origins. CRP is especially important for tackling the ongoing achievement discrepancies encountered by high school Black Male students in the context of mathematics instruction. This abstract emphasizes the value of culturally sensitive instruction in enhancing black male students' mathematics learning results and experiences.

This research will examine the difficulties faced by Black male students in Mathematics classes, including prejudice, a lack of cultural representation in the curriculum, and a lack of relevance between the subject matter and the students' actual experiences. By combining aspects of students' cultural origins, experiences, and interests into the mathematics curriculum and instructional strategies Culturally Relevant Pedagogy presents a possible answer.

In order to overcome the inequities experienced by black male students, this research highlights the essential necessity for teachers, policymakers, and stakeholders to embrace and integrate culturally sensitive teaching approaches into mathematics education. We can enable these students to succeed in math and other academic endeavors by building culturally affirming and inclusive learning environments, releasing their full potential, and advancing equity in education.