Date of Award

Spring 3-22-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology


School of Instructional Technology and Innovation

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Yi Jin

Second Advisor

Julie Moore

Third Advisor

Julia Fuller


The purpose of this quantitative research study was to examine the impact of content-based instructional technology on teacher’s TPACK, specifically the technology related knowledge domains, and instructional technology self-efficacy. Demographic data was compared for correlations with TPACK or self-efficacy ratings. Additionally, the professional development model was evaluated by gathering teacher perceptions. A pre- and post-intervention survey was conducted to gather TPACK, self-efficacy, and perceptions of professional development. Findings were consistent and built upon previous research. Teachers experienced growth in all TPACK technology knowledge domains and displayed increased instructional technology self-efficacy ratings. Additionally, suggestions from previous research regarding best practices for professional development such as hands-on learning, modeling, and focus on content were perceived positively by teachers. Suggestions for future research, implications, and practices are included.