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Information Systems

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Dr. Adriane Randolph

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Dr. Joseph Hair

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Dr. Sweta Sneha


The concept of Intuition is not new to management and behavioral sciences. However, defining Intuition has been anything but intuitive even in these heavily studied domains. This research seeks to expand current Intuition research into the information systems (IS) domain. Given the velocity of change in contemporary IS, researchers and practitioners are seeking richer explanations and success measurements to better understand and promote effective use of IS. A preliminary content analysis of select proceedings from the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), designed to assess the investigation and interest in the concept of Intuition as a contemporary IS research topic, suggests this topic is relevant to IS. This research introduces IS Intuition as a mediating variable impacting IS Success. Healthcare IS provides the context for this study although the results are anticipated to be generalizable to other IS contexts. Quantitative results from a survey found the mediating impact of human intuition to be less significant than originally hoped. However, qualitative results from a followon survey of healthcare executives, managers and IS consultants illustrate 62% of respondents believe Intuition impacts IS success and EHR adoption. Additionally, a growing body of research since this study began provides strong empirical guidance that intuition can be challenging to measure as with the common self-report measures. vi Studies indicate experimentation and other Neuro-based methods may be better suited to aid in measurement of intuition. Thus, further investigation through other epistemologies to determine the impact of intuition on IS success is warranted.