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Dr. Brian Rutherford

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Dr. Joseph Hair

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Dr. Greg Marshall


The financial services industry has come under close scrutiny in the past several years resulting in a much different and more highly regulated environment. These regulatory changes impact the way a salesperson interacts with customers in the banking industry. Currently, the financial services industry accounts for almost half of the country’s nonfarm, commercial profit. No prior sales taxonomy has been conducted for individuals in the financial services industry that are involved in selling. This study utilizes the NAICS subcodes 522, 523, and 524 to understand and classify the consumer-focused sales activities that characterize the financial services industry. Using an established taxonomy development method and an established product sales taxonomy with resulting job position descriptions, a financial services sales activities taxonomy and job descriptions were developed. Contrasts and comparisons were conducted, with the results reflecting that financial services sales differs from other product and service sales activities and job position descriptions. This study provides an important first foundational step for future research to assess other differences within the financial services sales industry.

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