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Dr. Rebecca Guidice

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Dr. K. Praveen Parboteeah

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Dr. Steve Werner


Focusing on emerging markets is now a significant imperative for business professionals as well as strategy, management, and international business (IB) scholars. However, there are no accepted categorizations of these countries. Furthermore, major international organizations, institutions, scholars, and multinational, all approach classifying these countries from a multitude of different perspectives. Using institutional theory as a framework and drawing on research from multiple disciplines such as IB, sociology, economics, and economic geography, this dissertation proposes a framework by which a more nuanced reclassification of emerging markets into eight subgroups is considered appropriate. The application of this multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach shows how economic, social and cultural dimensions can contribute to the emergent status of a country. Consequently, this dissertation delivers practitioners, policy makers, and academic communities with a tool to illustrate national context more effectively. In doing so, research, policy, and strategy can positively benefit from a new set of contextual and boundary conditions to frame issues of strategic importance.