Defense Date

Summer 7-7-2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Information Systems


Business Administration

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Solomon Negash

Committee Member or Co-Chair

Dr. Anne Smith


Dr. Traci Carte


The widespread use of information technology and information systems (IT) throughout corporations, too often includes employees who choose not to follow the stated policies and procedures in performing their job tasks. In many cases, this encompasses employees who mean no harm, but choose not to comply with IT policies and procedures. The present study frames such compliance behavior as non-malicious IT misuse. Non-malicious IT misuse by an employee occurs when the employee improvises, takes short cuts, or works around IT procedures and guidelines in order to perform their assigned tasks. As expressed, they do not intend to cause internal control or compliance problems but may simply want to meet their assigned task objectives with the use of IT applications. Studies usually address this phenomenon with deterrence and punishment/reward theories, but literature suggests additional theoretical approaches to further understand non-malicious IT misuse. This study proposes management driven policy approaches, along with organizational factors to reduce intention of non-malicious IT misuse.