Defense Date

Summer 7-7-2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Information Systems


Business Administration

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Pamila Dembla, Ph.D.

Committee Member or Co-Chair

Stacie Petter, Ph.D.


Tridib Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D.


Information system (IS) success has been extensively researched to frame key attributes of an information system or technology to understand its benefit to business. One definition of IS success is the adoption and extensive use of an information system (Robey & Zeller, 1978). In the present era of cloud computing, as in former IS eras, successful implementation is critical for achieving business success in all enterprise types. IS success is also described as a lagging multifaceted measure of technology effectiveness for a business. Early adopters of a new technology are a rich resource to determine benefits for later adopters, and this is true for those businesses looking to implement cloud computing. This is critically important for small businesses. Cloud computing is characterized as a 21st century model of acquiring computational resources and services through convenient on-demand provisioning mechanisms via a shared network (Mell & Grance, 2010, p. 50). With the resource challenges of small businesses, the selection of a particular cloud computing model can result in business success or calamity. Many small businesses realize they need to make key investments in the latest technologies to advance their business, but many have one opportunity to make the best choice and to do it right. Small businesses typically operate with limited capital resources to invest in new IS technologies, as well as fund their ongoing upgrades, enhancements, and support. The intent of this research study is to define an IS framework that small businesses can use to determine the benefits of a particular cloud computing solution before adoption, based on the efforts of select small businesses that are early adopters of cloud computing. This research will determine the essential features and attributes that enable cloud computing success for small businesses in their targeted marketplaces. The primary success constructs of this study will focus on the overall cloud quality, experience, and benefit. The results of this research will lead to an enhanced IS success model that will enable small businesses to target specific cloud-based computing services that align with their business requirements to enable them to achieve business success.