Defense Date

Fall 10-21-2015

Degree Type



Information Systems


Business Administration

Chair or Co-Chair

Dr. Pamila Dembla

Committee Member or Co-Chair

Dr. Stacie Petter


Dr. Tridib Bandyopadhyay


The paper examines the influences of users’ beliefs, attitudes, social norms, and perceived control on IT Consumerization use in the technology industry. It was expected to find significant influences leading to intention to use and actual use of the consumerization service. By identifying key drivers that lead to actual use, more was understood as to how to successfully position the service within an organization in such a way so as to connect the employee’s interest to using an IT Consumerization service. In addition, the academic field of research is expanded by leveraging a well-grounded theoretical framework and an exploration of actual use of IT Consumerization into the current research stream. Data was gathered via electronic survey, including both pre-testing and pilot testing before data collection. Relationships between variables were assessed via structural equation modeling. Overall, the anticipated results continued to provide support to the Theory of Planned Behavior and probed actual use as a measure of the Nature of Use construct. The results were projected to demonstrate relationship support for the referenced attributes and some hypotheses which confirmed an impact upon behavioral intention to use and actual use.