Date of Submission

Summer 7-14-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)


Computer Science

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Mohammed Aledhari

Committee Member

Dr. Chih-Cheng Hung

Committee Member

Dr. Hisham Haddad


Medical images are playing an increasingly important role in the prevention and diagnosis of diseases. Medical images often contain massive amounts of data. Professional interpretation usually requires a long time of professional study and experience accumulation by doctors. Therefore, the use of super storage and computing power in deep learning as a basis can effectively process a large amount of medical data. Breast cancer brings great harm to female patients, and early diagnosis is the most effective prevention and treatment method, so this project will create a new optimized breast cancer auxiliary diagnosis model based on ResNet. Analyze and process, realize medical aided diagnosis, and provide scientific diagnosis for breast cancer patients.