Department Chair: Dr. Ken Hoganson

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science in the College of Science and Mathematics at Kennesaw State University. The innovative CS department now offers:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This program is a strong technical program with breadth across the discipline and strength in software development, with options in High Performance Computing, and Networking and Security. (This program has earned the notable ABET program accreditation). This is a traditional intensive on-campus program. Fall, Spring, and Summer starts.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computer Science. This program is new for Fall 2014, and is less formal and more applied, requires an interdisciplinary minor and provides for a more rounded and balanced university education. Courses will be offered in a flipped-hybrid-online model where some lectures will be online with practicum on campus. Fall start.

Minor in Computer Science. Computer Science Honors Cohort. Building on the KSU Honors program, the CS department offers a special Honors Cohort for high-achieving students that builds a deeper and richer computer science degree. Fall start.

Master of Science in Computer Science. This is a research-oriented computer science graduate program, with applied computing options, and in interdisciplinary option. Courses are offered using a hybrid distance learning delivery model that supports remote attendance and asynchronous attendance.

The CS Department has roots dating back to the 1970s, but is also very young as a separate department with its own unique identity, having split with the Information Systems department on July 1, 2011. Our faculty take pride in our teaching and program excellence, and the department also hosts internationally-recognized research faculty. The department offers a Peer-Mentor program to help students in the lower division courses, supports a tutoring room, has labs on the 3rd floor of the Clendenin Computer Science Building as well as Chastain Pointe, hosts its own cloud computing system for teaching and research, and has plans to build a Computer Science Commons area on the 3rd floor of the Clendenin Computer Science Building for student and faculty collaboration.

Computer Science is a difficult and demanding major that requires persistence and determination, but leads to highly rewarding careers with exciting and dynamic opportunities in evolving technology. Please consider joining us by contacting our department, our department advisor, or program leads.

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