Joseph G. Bock: Director


To enhance the capacity of people and organizations to advance conflict-related discourse, enact constructive change, and inspire peace and development.

Mission Statement

    Our mission is four-fold:
  • (1) to prepare engaged, interdisciplinary change-makers with rigorous academic and practice skills for peacemaking and development in domestic and international contexts;
  • (2) to produce cutting edge, policy-relevant research on conflict, peace, and development;
  • (3) to enact peacebuilding, conflict management, and development programming and practice in a variety of contexts across disciplines, sectors, and levels of analysis; and, ultimately;
  • (4) to inspire peace and promote positive change.


    The School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development aims to advance the mission of Kennesaw State University by working toward these goals:
  • Provide educational opportunities that will give our graduates the maximum options for employment;
  • Create a shared sense of purpose among faculty, staff, and students engaged in conflict management, peacebuilding, and development locally and globally;
  • Contribute (through research, teaching, practice and engagement) to the prevention, reduction, elimination, resolution and transformation of violent conflict both domestically and internationally;
  • Develop strategies and tools to systematically analyze, understand, explain and predict conflict and the mechanisms that contribute to its solution, including the use of nonviolence to address injustice; and,
  • Make the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Kennesaw State University a true first-choice destination for conflict management, peacebuilding, and development scholarship, education, and practice in the United States and across the globe.


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