Semester of Creation

Winter 3-6-2024

Submission Type


Professor Name

Mishra Shuchita

Course Number

ART 3705

Course Title

Sequential Art I

Description of Work

Eli's boyfriend, Ashlen has a surprise for him. What could it be? Read and find out!

(Based on my comic series, Ashlen & Eli)

Description of Assignment

You have been shown different folds to make mini-comics. It is time to pick one of the styles you think you are most comfortable with. Your themes could vary from auto-bio, mindfulness, and self-identity to sci-fi, fiction, romance, mystery, or just slice of life.

This is going to be a penciled, inked, and colored piece of work Requirements - Use 8 pages to narrate your story - Thumbnail your process - Pencil and Ink - Use an appropriate format for your narrative - Use a color scheme most apt to your theme - Pick out an appropriate cardstock cover for your theme - You will be evaluated based on both your process as well the final delivery of your mini-comic - Bonus point to those coming up with innovative zine styles



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Ashlen & Eli: Surprise for Eli!

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