Semester of Creation


Submission Type


Professor Name

Shuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3705

Course Title

Sequential Art

Description of Work

A Series of Embarrassment is a mini comic that was written and illustrated by Jaimie Winston. This comic was created in March 2024. The mini comic assignment was a given to her in Sequential Art by her professor, Professor Shuchita Mishra. In this piece, it features a young girl named Savannah who creates a comic. She discusses the embarrassing situations she has experienced throughout her life. Her intentions are to make light of embarrassing moments and to not take them so seriously.

Description of Assignment

Requirements - Using 8 pages to narrate your story - Thumbnail your process - Pencil and Ink - Use an appropriate format for your narrative - Use a color scheme most apt to your theme - Pick out an appropriate cardstock cover for your theme - You will be evaluated on the basis of both your process as well the final delivery of your mini-comic.

You have been shown different folds to make mini-comics. It is time to pick one of the styles you think you are most comfortable with. Your themes could vary from auto-bio, mindfulness, self-identity to sci-fi, fiction, romance, mystery or just slice of life Some examples to look at would be Sarah's Scribbles, Buddygatorcomics, Fried Rice, I'm not ok with this...



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