Principal Investigator: Philip Kiernan

On-site Project Manager: Ken Hill

Faculty Involved: Paul Dover, Todd Harper

Webmaster and Digital Archivist: Aajay Murphy

Italian Partners: Silvia Calamandrei, Duccio Pasqui, Francesa Cenni (Biblioteca Archivio Piero Calamandrei), Riccardo Pizzinneli - Societá Storica Poliziana

Kennesaw State University has a long-standing study abroad program in the town of Montepulciano in Tuscany, Italy. With roots going back to the Etruscan period, the town still preserves much of its medieval character, with numerous buildings, churches and other monuments from the Gothic and Renaissance periods, as well as important collections of historical and artistic material in its museums, library, and archives.

Kennesaw’s new research program in cultural resource management connects students directly with Montepulciano’s rich material cultural heritage. Students work hands-on in the preservation, presentation, and study of the material past of Montepulciano. Our activities range from digitization projects of manuscripts, the study of ancient inscriptions, to the presentation of the town’s past.

This project is a cooperation between the Biblioteca Archivio Piero Calamandrei, Montepulciano, and the Società Storica Poliziana.

At present, our two main active projects consist of digitizing 16th-18th century manuscripts from the town's archive, and the study and digitization of the collection of Etruscan and Roman reliefs and inscriptions preserved in the façade of the Palazzo Buccelli. Future projects are being planned.

For more information on active and planned projects, follow the links below. The results of each project are archived here, as well as on the site of the town of Montepulciano.

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