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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014
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Description:The Display Committee strives to create, foster and maintain an inviting physical space in which students and faculty can feel comfortable and engaged while utilizing the Sturgis Library and its resources.
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About Us

Our Charge

The Display Committee, in alignment with the Sturgis Library’s vision statement, strives to create, foster and maintain an inviting physical space in which students and faculty can feel comfortable and engaged while utilizing the Library and its resources. The subject and content of the displays should therefore reflect the interests of the university community.

Our Scope

Displays may originate from within the library, from any unit on campus, and/or from affiliates off campus. The display itself must support the charge of the Committee as stated above.

Beliefs and viewpoints expressed in the displays do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Display Committee, Horace W. Sturgis Library or Kennesaw State University.

Committee Members
  • Lillie Barber
    Information Desk, Access Services
  • Rori Brewer
    Information Desk & Government Documents, Access Services
  • Ana Guimaraes
    Collection Development Librarian, Library Administration
  • Ashley Hoffman
    Interlibrary Loan & Information Desk, Access Services
  • Alan Lebish
    Associate Director of Library Services, Library Administration
  • Aajay Murphy
    Managing Editor of DigitalCommons, Graduate Library
  • Morgan Rhetts
    Reference Librarian, L.V. Johnson Library
  • Rita Spisak
    Outreach Librarian, Access Services
  • Amy Thompson
    Marketing Assistant, Instructional Services
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Current Displays

Breezeway #1

Introduction to Films on Demand

Breezeway #2

Get to know your staff - Chris Sharpe

Year of...

Arabian Peninsula

Government Docs, 3rd Floor

Men's Health/Movember/Moustaches

Lobby Display Case

Library History

Popular Books Area


Lobby Glass

Leaves/Motivational Quotes

Information Commons

Student Art

Book Trees
Book Tree #1 Men's Health
Book Tree #2 Holiday Cook Books
Book Tree #3 National Novel Writing Month
Book Tree #4 Smoking
Staff Lounge

Meet your Staff - Carey Huddelsten

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Past Displays

October 2014
P/S Breezeway #1 Introduction to the Digital Commons
P/S Breezeway #2 Get to know our staff - Carey Huddelsten
Small ARCHE Wall Arabian Peninsula Art
Lobby Sturgis History
Popular Books N/A
Lobby Glass Bats & Dead Authors
Year Of ... Arabiam Peninsula
Information Commons Student Art
OwlSpace N/A
Gov Docs Disaster/Zombies
Book Tree #1 Staff Recommendations
Book Tree #2 Halloween Date with a Book
Book Tree #3 Halloween Date with a Book
Book Tree #4 Pandemics
Staff Lounge Staff Baby Pictures
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Work with Us

Requests for Display Space

All persons affiliated with KSU, including students, faculty, staff and officially recognized organizations/centers, are welcome to apply for display space at the Library. E-mail the current chair, Aajay Murphy, at amurph18@kennesaw.edu for more details.

Requests should be made as far in advance as possible and will be schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the preferred display date(s). The Display Committee reserves the right to refuse any proposal. Upon request, the Dean of the Library and the chair of the Display Committee will review questions that arise concerning a proposal’s acceptance or rejection.

Duration of Exhibits

Space availability will determine the duration of individual displays, but a month-long stint is typical. This will be discussed in detail with the chair, who will defer to the committee when needed. The Display Committee is responsible for scheduling setup and removal dates. If the display is not setup within three days following the agreed upon setup date, the Display Committee may cancel the display.

Guidelines for Displaying

The setup and removal of the display are not the responsibility of the Display Committee. When using the display cases in Sturgis Library, the following guidelines must be respected:

  • Clear signage that details the department/group affiliation and title of display, as well as indication of items within if using props
  • Materials to hang displays will not be provided by the Library. No damaging materials should be used as any expenses incurred by the Library to fix damage to walls and/or display cases will be changed to the department, group or individual responsible for the display
Removal of Display Materials

The individual(s) who set it up, or a representative of, must remove the display. Storing materials for the display, either before setup or after removal, at the Library is not an option. Sturgis Library and the Display Committee will not assume any responsibility for damage of items unclaimed after three days following the agreed upon removal date.

Challenges to Exhibits

The Display Committee will not censor or remove a display or item because certain members of the community may disagree with its content. Those who object to the content of an exhibit must contact the chair of the Committee, Aajay Murphy, at amurph18@kennesaw.edu. The chair will discuss the challenge with the Display Committee and with the Dean of the Library. The decision will be reported to the patron with the disagreement via e-mail. If the patron does not feel the complaint has been addressed, he/she will need to contact the Dean of the Library directly. At this point, the Display Committee will accept any decision made by the Library Administration.

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