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Sunday, April 23rd
5:00 PM

UR-331 Read-Talkback Assisted Platform for Aphasia

Michael j Clayton
Maxwell P Dixon
Navonte Riggin

5:00 PM

UR-347 Blockchain in Ethereum

Savvy Lovell
Joshua Priest
Cameron D Cooper

5:00 PM

UR-350 Quantum Game Theory

Christian Thomassy
Sean J Curtis
Cody A Lacey

5:00 PM

UR-363 Quantum Machine Learning Applied to Cybersecurity

Adam M Waugh
Anna Destito
Joseph D Ragsdale

5:00 PM

UR-369 Classifying Chest X-Rays of Pneumonia Using Transfer Learning

Michael B Swann
Noah Clark

5:00 PM

UR-379 Combatting Data Heterogeneity in Federated Learning

Andrew J Hutchison
Justin C Bull
Aaron Cummings

5:00 PM

UR-390 BactiFind: A Novel CNN-based Framework to Classify Bacterial Species

Lowhorn Ryan
Cardwell Zac

5:00 PM