Date of Submission

Spring 5-4-2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

M Saleh Uddin, Ph.D.

Secondary Advisor

Zamila Karimi, M Arch, MFA


The concept of a piece of architecture taking on adaptive qualities is based on the ability that a system can effectively respond to the environment and the evolving programs. Architects strive to create designs that respond to external changes, creating a challenge with kinetic and the immovable aspects of a building, which can be identified as the systems of walls, ceilings, and columns. This system however, creates the foundation of a successful built environment but also hinders the adaptive and flexible qualities. These systems are implemented permanently and confined to the site and program that has been defined to them. Keeping this challenge in mind, one cannot help to see nature and be inspired by the adaptive and the systematic qualities that nature constantly is using, from the fractal branching of a tree to the efficient way of filling space in a honeycomb. We can start seeing a trend in nature and the adaptive qualities it tends to. Nature does not create form without a function. This thesis investigates the discourse that architects have had with the adaptive qualities of architecture by taking inspiration from nature as a design strategy. The project instantiates this notion into a pavilion that is programed for informal performance and exhibition space. This pavilion will test out the performative qualities by responding to the exterior environment and the evolving nature of the program, concluding with a system that will bring forth a refined appearance all in one single configuration.