Date of Submission

Spring 5-7-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Christopher Welty


We are constantly surrounded by and inhabiting the built environment. Architecture can affect someone’s mood in the most subtle of ways. The spaces we inhabit have an impact whether you are aware of it or not. Peter Zumthor said, "Architecture is a service, a process, a way of building and leaving the world a little better for our presence." The question becomes, "How can we use lighting in architectural designs to create impactful experiences for those in the space?" My thesis explores how we design spaces and what strategies can be implemented to influence the viewers’ perception. We are shaped by experience. Architecture should seek to create an experience that will leave a lasting impact on its population.

Through literature review and readings, I have begun to identify three significant criteria. These specific aspects are lighting, materials, and the shape of space. Case studies and precedent analysis analyzing these different criteria aspects have been diagrammed and broken down to determine how to use each method. From each of these precedents, I have been collecting data and creating a catalog of the experiential qualities of space. This catalog forms the basis for conducting a series of experiments where I will develop tests that can be applied to any space. This test Will explore these ideas of perception and experience in space. It will be conducted on geometries showing one aspect of the above criteria to get feedback on the perception. Spring will consist of a series of projects where I will implement my findings to create more than just buildings but experiential spaces.