Date of Submission

Spring 5-7-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Arief Setiawan


Haute Couture or ‘high dressmaking’ is a term used for fashion designers to implement one-of-a-kind designs custom fit for an exclusive collection. Within the realm of design, there lies a relationship between fashion and architecture. Humans formed the earliest iterations of spatial boundaries by implementing weaving techniques made with plant fibers and posts. We created fences before we clothed ourselves. Weaving these boundaries or textile walls was instituted in some of the earliest forms of architecture still used today. The process of design that drives the creation of the spaces we inhabit today is created by the same beginnings as the processes that we use to create textiles and develop fashion. We see many thought processes crossover from fashion into architecture. “dress design as a form of engineering, rather than a mere synthesis of existing elements”1. How can the process of fashion design - as an expression be replicated or manipulated into the design of space?

This thesis analyzes a variation of architectural works and designs of masterful fashion designers. Looking at a range of designers who use different techniques to develop respected and historical moments in fashion in terms of form, technique, materials, and narrative. Architecturally, works of design that display similarities to the same aspect of fashion are analyzed. From there, a series of abstractions and iterative drawings, models (physical and digital), photographs, and diagrams are carried out to bring one end of design to the other and the result of these studies is a statement on the development of architectural space using methods of haute couture and fashion design.

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Architecture Commons