Date of Submission

Spring 5-7-2024

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

M. Saleh Uddin


The goal of this project is to strengthen a community through a series of cultural activities coexisting with nature with treehouses, houseboats, and a community center through ecotourism in Lao. There has always been floating communities on land, and water due to the heavy amount of rainfall, and monsoons from May to October. A strong focus on design elements such as material, form, and structure while preserving the local culture. Emphasizing the importance of the Lao vernacular with form, and how symbolism throughout in Lao architecture as expression.

Analyzing the indigenous way of local construction to understand the complexities of Laos architecture with available materials such as bamboo, and teakwood using dowels as the primary connectors. The innovative proposal is to utilize the ease of construction is heavily emphasized with a series of connections of tied bamboo, and steel nodes that could easily be assembled, and disassembled. Understanding the frame systems to support the weight of these floating structures. Steel connectors with bamboo are the main support for the floor, wall, and the roof. Research methods to support the objectives of this project is through site analysis, existing case studies, and design testing to make proper design decisions.

This innovative ecotourism project embraces immersive experiences and ecological methods in an effort to rebuild indigenous communities understanding their way of living. The biodiversity within the site is an asset to the project surrounded by teak trees, replenishing bamboo, and other plant species. Designing solutions that are climate resilient, and sustainable in the humid climate.

Included in

Architecture Commons