Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2023

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Professor Saleh M. Uddin, Ph.D.


At times, architecture can be similar to a computer: always needing constant updates, revisions, innovations. The area known as Harborplace at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland, is one such area of architecture that needs more than an update, however; it needs a revision, and many designers have already proposed good ideas that would potentially revitalize the area. Insert another onto the hypothetical drawing board: this thesis aims to redesign the site by introducing an area of gardens enclosed within a geodesic dome. This will promote health and wellbeing for the people of Baltimore by providing a place for them to escape the air and noise pollution synonymous with downtown cities, and allowing them to breathe in the much cleaner and beneficial air provided by the plants within the garden. A reprieve for the people of Baltimore.

Included in

Architecture Commons