Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2023

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

Dr. Selen Okcu


Floating cities can be a solution to the rapidly rising sea levels (SLR) due to global warming. Today our coastlines and major cities are flooding due to SLR with tropical storms, flash floods, and heavy rainfall. These events are demolishing our current infrastructure and causing lives to be swept away underwater. The sudden shift in climate change demands our buildings to adapt. Land reclamation is a short-term solution to consistently flooding coastlines and eroding waterbeds. Flooding has caused communities to migrate to major cities, making them even more overcrowded. Expanding real estate on water is the only feasible option to invest in. Now is the time to realize building modular floating structures that respond to the rapid decline of available land without disruption to marine life and the increased need for housing by the coast. This floating city has modular bases for maximum connectivity and growth of a city with bridge connections. The concept of growth is a priority for relationships with other floating communities to expand and grow with ever-changing lives. These floating bases are new artificial land for different building typologies to be built upon. The new floating city will replicate the site’s existing zones, circulation, and building typology. This thesis focuses on a floating city with residential and commercial floating platforms, which are displaced communities’ main concerns and needs.

Included in

Architecture Commons