Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2022

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Ermal Shpuza, PhD.



Bogota is the capital of Colombia known for its beautiful culture, architecture, music, food, ambiance. All these things are only seen in the northern portion of the city. When looking at the southern portion of the city, this is where the true neglect of a government shows. There is a lack of care, love, and respect for a city. It is noticeable that there is hierarchy where the elite live in the north and the poor live in the south.

This is the first issue addressed in this thesis.

When looking at the city and its relation to the country as a whole, there is a clear understanding that it is completely surrounded by greenery. This might let the viewer assume that the city is rich with nature and that it has plenty of it for people to enjoy, when in fact this is not the case. Bogota is completely surrounded by a tropical rainforest, not deemed to be safe for families and communities to gather in. The patches of greenery found within the city called “parks” are unsafe, just like the outside forest. These parks are known for the crimes that occur there. Illegal activity and drug deals are always present. These parks are not suitable for families and communities to enjoy and experience nature.

This is the second issue addressed in this thesis.

The community centers in Bogota and its architecture are renowned across the country and South America. They are considered to hold a very high and elite status in Bogota. Again, these are all aspects found in the northern portion of the city. The southern portion of the city has run-down structures where families and community members gather to learn. These buildings are usually made up of terra cotta and wood. There is a contrast to the architecture present across the city when comparing the north and the south.

This is the third issue addressed in this thesis.

What is there to do about all of these issues? This thesis focuses on a specific site in a neighborhood called La Fragua, a park in the middle district of Bogota where all research is conducted. This thesis will create a community center that encompasses Colombian sports, wellness, food, music, culture, and education using vernacular architecture. What this thesis proposes to do is bring back a safe way to experience nature as a community. This project aims to solve the contrast of structures and better balance the community gathering spaces throughout the city. This will, in turn, become a precedent to influence future implementation of community spaces throughout the city.

This is VIDA.