Date of Submission

Spring 5-5-2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

Ameen Farooq

Secondary Advisor

Peter Pittman


In Atlanta, there is a lack of affordable housing for the working class category of citizen due to outdated building norms and inefficient building techniques that are not designed to increase said affordability.This mindset lends people to the idea that they need to take ownership of larger, more expensive spaces, effectively wasting their money. This trend tends to ward working class citizens off from buying houses, which in turn creates a bigger gap in the housing market.

This thesis plans to propose a design strategy for single family detached dwellings that utilizes the idea of multi-functional, transformative space while simultaneously decreasing its overall square footage to a maximum of 1800 or below; an average that has not been the norm since the year of 1983. The plan is to design this house in a way minimize the footprint, maximize the space quality, promote efficiency, and take advantage of advanced techniques in building construction.These design strategies, taking advantage of efficient space planning and efficient building techniques, will ,all in all, increase the aspect of housing affordability as a whole.

Included in

Architecture Commons