Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2022

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Ameen Farooq


45% of Americans have no access to public transportation (25). The common Atlantan commuter alone will spend an average of 72 hours per year in traffic congestion (16). Both of these statistics include the workers, attendees, and residents of the Battery (home of Truist Park of the Atlanta Braves baseball team). While mass transit allows for the commuter to become freed of their dependence on individual vehicles; historical, racial, and economic stigmatization as well as basic design inefficiencies of mass transportation systems discredits their potent opportunity of becoming a consensus in design between economic, environmental, and social sustainability. When the stadium moved from inner Atlanta (Turner Field) to outside the perimeter of the city (2017), speculation arose as to how the demographics of the workers and attendees of the stadium (and now adjoining eat/shop/dine attachment (The Battery)) were changed and how this correlates with access to public transportation.