Date of Submission

Spring 5-5-2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

Ameen Farooq

Secondary Advisor

Peter Pittman


This thesis investigates the current state of slums globally. The thesis argues that many of the hazardous environments of slums established is a product of the negative output devised by the current housing situation in said slum. The living quarters of residents within most slums exemplify how much the citizens are not able/willing to treat the area as a home. The lack of care and devices to help reduce the amount of pollution, resource scarcity, and overall damage to the environment can arguably be solved simply by redesigning the residential units within the region. By designing a new living unit for a particular slum, the goal is to demonstrate how the new implemented stratagem will not only provide better conditions for the residents of a household, but to also have the maximum impact on the environment that give the slum its notoriety. With the new design, I would devise a methodology in which to first actually produce the design, and implement it into the area that would seem most beneficial at the time to benefit the region in some way. This may include being able to raise funds within the area, provide jobs, etc. Then, provided it succeeds, use the test scenario as a showcase to everywhere alike.

Included in

Architecture Commons