Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

Bronne Dytoc

Secondary Advisor

Selen Ocku


My thesis is motivated by a growing interest in our urbanized landscapes and their effect on social behavior. Developing a term that refers to a places lack of engagement with the people it serves, aids in capturing the necessity of a project like this today. The modern era of today’s cities have unconciously enabled this term “Placelessness”, this lack of a defined sense of place, be a recurring problem due to urban sprawl, economic imbalances, and technologies negative influence on social patterns. Our public assets are losing distinctive characteristics such as its Identity, Belonging, and Coherence; thus, amplifying the notion of “Lost Places.” The consequences of these tragedies make it necessary to encourage the relationship between community residents and space. Responding to this situation opens the window of opportunity for these places to fulfil the communities need for connection. This thesis aims to investigate how design strategies involving Placemaking can prepare a fertile ground for a social enrichment. The proposed neighborhood spaces within may provide residents meaning and be a catalyst for the community’s social and cultural activities. Placemaking gives ownership of a place, and the corridors that connect them back to the people. This is achieved through prioritizing pedestrian engagement and adapting the use of a space to conform to the unique needs of the neighborhood so that it is enjoyed by all.


Preparing a Fertile Ground For Social Enrichment

Included in

Architecture Commons