Date of Submission

Spring 5-29-2020

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Bronne Dytoc

Secondary Advisor

William Carpenter


Taking from Richard Sennett’s book, The Craftsman, “Skill is a trained practice; modern technology is abused when it deprives its users precisely of that repetitive, concrete, hands-on training. When the head and the hand are separated, the result is mental impairment” (p.52) This separation that Richard Sennett is talking about is the disconnect that our modern society has found due to the large amounts of mass production, social media, and technology abuse. In order to find this connection again, humans need to become more aware of their surroundings. This reconnection can occur through what is called material consciousness. This is a type of mindfulness that occurs when a person is connecting with the materials that they are becoming craftsman of. The definition of a craftsman is not specific to artistic standards. A craftsman can range from being an architect, to a parent. From a doctor, to a computer engineer. What separates a person from doing their job and a craftsman is the attention one acquires to detail through years of work with the community or the material at the forefront of their motivation. A craftsman becomes mindful and is able to put their best effort forward due to this instilled nature to be connected with their material. This thesis is meant to create a village that allows all generations to reconnect with craft. Looking into collaborative design options is important because this style of learning gives an opportunity for people to be taught positive craft habits along with encouraging material consciousness. Material consciousness gives the opportunity to connect and create a community through mindfulness to their surroundings. This kind of community is meant to connect the makers, tools, and materials through learning new crafts or perfecting old. With the focus being on reconnecting the head and hand, this thesis will push the idea of material consciousness forward by designing the structures with the same mindset. Pushing the materials of the structures to new innovative ways will get people to be inspired through fresh eyes of desire to achieve the same levels of skill, or in a distasteful frustration of wanting to do it better.

Included in

Architecture Commons