Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

Jeffrey Collins

Secondary Advisor

Elizabeth Martin


The purpose of this thesis is to explore the future potential impact that the library typology has on society and how the architecture of these spaces can influence usage andchange. Libraries have been one of man-kind’s most inspirational systems that have provided spaces to store information and to educate oneself. As the typology progressed it became an important part of each community and provided patrons with new opportunities that they might not regularly have. With the role that this typology currently takes, it allows for the possibility for improvements of social issues within multiple communities. By focusing on select issues, the design of a library can address problems and provide educational attention to the public in the attempt to improve its surrounding community. With individual cities having a different set of custom social issues each library wouldrequire adaptable and tailored programing to function as a tool of the community’s benefit all while having the ability to change based on specific needs. The design begins with the investigation of required programming and specific communal needs which will aim to generate personal responses and interest. Spaces that can interact with the publicwhilecontinuingtoeducateandservetheoriginalpurposesofthetypologyhasthepotentialtopresentpressingissueforfuturechange. Withthisinformationaboutthelibrary, as a structure, additional elements are to be implemented to achieve the typology’s newest concept. These elements include the human interaction with the built environment and how humanity has the ability to learn and evolve. The concluding result is a new library typology that is shaped based on its community’s functional needs while providing comfortable spaces for the public to gain interest in these spaces. With each library responding to different issues, and the ability to adapt and create new solutions, will help correct communities for the better.

Included in

Architecture Commons