Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Primary Advisor

Giovanni Loreto


My title Life is Beautiful: An inquire on the use of small living and architectural design. I chose this title because my focus is in looking at the phases of architecture and creating beautiful and life changing architecture with the help of engineering. I aim to transform my families life by creating a small living space that does not only let earth blossom but also our family. Everyone asks me why I wanted to become an architect. If I had to sum it up, I would say I became an architect so that I could mix my love of art and engineering. Many people refer to an architect as a designer. They typically think we sit inside at desks and play with 3d printers and rendering software. Designing is a relatively small part of what an architect daily accomplishes. My family and internship experiences have greatly influenced my passion for buildings and the knowledge to understand what an architect does. For instance, my office is typically empty, because everyone is at meetings or on construction sites. Most of our work is in the construction documentation and administration phases. With my thesis I would like to understand the process an architect goes through, from design to the built. The way that I will go through the phases myself is through the design of my own tiny home on wheels.

My goal is to merge elements that I have learned from my Industrial engineering minor. That would be about sustainability to make my home off the grid. This could be the use of tesla batteries, solar panels, compost toilet, etc. Another aspect is looking at the cost of materials, labor costs, and life span of those said materials. The final aspect is to look at the life span of the home and trailer, seeing how it would with stand being moved with relation to the weight of materials and its overall weight. The aspect of architecture in my project would be to look at the spatial quality, because that’s huge in roughly 700sqft. Also, to look at the zoning, transportation limits, building classification and the way those are affected by it being able to transport.

Included in

Architecture Commons