2nd Prize Winner

Inspired by the culture of the Yoruba people.

What inspired you to enter this special competition to create a modern architectural language for Africa?

The inspiration to enter the CPDI Africa 2015 competition came from the desire to learn more about my own culture and my passion for modern architectural design. My cultural heritage is a blend of Spanish, African, and indigenous Taíno races. These three races contributed to the formation and traditions of the Puerto Rican culture. The CPDI Africa 2015 competition gave me the opportunity to learn more about my African heritage while exploring modern housing designs.

Why do you believe African homeowners will be interested in building a home such as the one you have submitted today?

The house I have designed uses inexpensive materials to create a space that is efficient, comfortable, and that takes advantage of natural daylight and ventilation. In addition, this modern design collects rain water and solar energy in an effort to become independent from public infrastructure. The materials specified for the construction of this house were selected in an effort to promote the African economy with the production of local materials.

What did you find most interesting or challenging during the research and development of your prototype?

The most interesting aspect in the development of this project was to learn and get an understanding of the African culture. This research helped me to see and appreciate the fusion of a different social, artistic, and cultural experience. The challenging part of this research was to use the distinctive architectural concepts of the Yoruba culture in a unique and modern prototype. I searched for a balance in the development of a newly modern design that could demonstrate an appreciation and respect of the traditional Yoruba culture. I strived to give an honest interpretation of a modern architectural Yoruba prototype that could be comfortable, enjoyable, energy efficient and aesthetically desirable.