1st Prize Winner

Inspired by the people and culture of Mali.

What inspired you to enter this special competition to create a modern architectural language for Africa?

African architecture always inspired me with amazing earthen architecture throughout the continent. This competition is a valuable chance for me to study and understand more about the architecture of the continent, it is also a chance for me to express my ideas about modern architectural language for Africa.

What did you find most interesting or challenging during the research and development of your prototype?

The most interesting is when researching for an image that represents the artistic identity of a country or an ethnic group. The process was amazing and felt like I was having a tour of the continent. Seeing so many surprising images and local building techniques inspired me a lot with the design. The most challenging part is the climate of Africa is very diverse; hence, choosing a climatic zone to study is quite difficult.

Why do you believe African homeowners will be interested in building a home such as the one you have submitted today?

Not only the African homeowners but also homeowners from everywhere in the world will have common consideration in choosing a place to live which is: affordable, high quality living standard, aesthetically attractive, and low cost for running and maintenance. Hence, I use these as my goal for the design. When design meets these requirements, there is no doubt that homeowners will interested in building that house.