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Honorable Mention

Inspired by the Karamojong people of Northern Uganda.

What inspired you to enter this special competition to create a modern architectural language for Africa?

Studio Manyatta was created with this very vision in mind. As a team of young designers from various design disciplines, and inspired by the Karamojong one of Africa's most intriguing cultures, we set out to explore what kind of environments Africa would have created with minimal influence from the colonization era. This competition was a chance to carry out his goal on a larger platform.

Why do you believe African homeowners will be interested in building a home such as the one you have submitted today?

The K'jong house is a simple expression of Africa's love for organic form. It is playful and yet pragmatic, innovative and yet contextual. The house will appeal to homeowners also for its realistic use of space that leaves room for luxury. The K'jong house is well lit and ventilated and also provides a layout that promotes a sense of community but also ensures a good degree of privacy.

What did you find most interesting or challenging during the research and development of your prototype?

Harmonizing modern and traditional architectural styles and elements. African architecture is precious for its purity and raw existence, every element we added from the modern era, to us, felt like we were taking away from this essence. This we found interesting as we had to find and understand subtle suggestions, in modern architecture, of formerly traditional architectural elements and ask how they have worked well and then take these and apply them to other traditional elements of interest to us.