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The Ije


Honorable Mention

Inspired by the pyramids of Egypt.

What inspired you to enter this special competition to create a modern architectural language for Africa?

The need to promote and create an indigenous African architectural language using our local materials, methods and also to express the rich heritage of the African people both in design and life style.

What did you find most interesting or challenging during the research and development of your prototype?

The most challenging point of my research was how to use recycled pet bottle for the facade cladding in another innovative way, having used it for my M.sc final thesis project in school.

Why do you believe African homeowners will be interested in building a home such as the one you have submitted today?

The design is a true reflection of the African culture and heritage as it showcases the most iconic symbol of Africa, which is the Egyptian pyramid. The design is sustainable by using local materials like bamboo, 7,756 no. recycled pet bottles and mud. The design is affordable, durable and has good excellent thermal properties.

Inspiration from Traditional Architecture

The concept of the design is a true reflection of the African culture and heritage. It showcases the highest iconic symbol that Africa has ever produced which is the Egyptian pyramid, the most famous structure in Africa. The pyramids of Egypt remain one of the world‘s greatest early architectural achievements.