Dean: Dr. Andrew Phillip Payne

The KSU College of Architecture and Construction Management offers students their choice of two programs of study:

  • The Architecture Department offers a five-year bachelor's degree program -- two years of design foundation and three years of professional courses -- that is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. This is the only nationally accredited undergraduate Architecture degree offered by a public institution in Georgia. This program emphasizes students' understanding of the connections between people and their physical environments, as well as the integration of this information into relevant design solutions.
Construction Management
  • The Construction Management Department offers students the bachelor's degree in Construction Management and the Master of Science in Construction Management. While professional experience is preferred, students with a bachelor's degree or higher in architecture, construction management, technology, engineering, or related fields are encouraged to apply. Certificates are also available in project management, land development, and specialty construction.


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