Department Chair: Anthony Rizzuto

The Department of Architecture at KSU is committed to providing a multidisciplinary curriculum that nurtures critical thinking, embraces new technologies and encourages creativity and innovation through the integration of the theory, art, technology and science of the built environment.

Our courses stress applied learning methods that emphasize hands-on exploration designed to provide the student with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be productive, contributing members of the architectural profession and the civic community.

We support and encourage outreach programs designed to maintain vital connections with the architectural community, improve effective communication, support continued professional development and build future leaders.

The faculty advocate for an appreciation of good design and the benefits of responsible architecture through the education of our students and the broader community.

The department holds as its core values:

  • Professionalism - The Department of Architecture emphasizes design expertise, aesthetic competency and sound contextual responses. We believe this serves to strengthen our goal to develop and nurture a culture of professionalism and a strong sense of ethics within our students.
  • Balancing Theory and Practice - The curriculum emphasizes applied learning, hands-on experience and theoretical exploration. This contributes to higher design standards, and technical prowess, as well as more challenging projects and intellectual dialogue.
  • Diversity - The Architecture Program values diversity in its student body, faculty, supportive interdisciplinary climate, commitment to teamwork, and learning environment. We believe that this encourages collaboration and strong professional relationships among students, faculty, alumni and professionals and strengthens our commitment to encouraging critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

These values contribute to our student’s proficiency and preparedness in addressing issues facing the profession, an awareness of environmental issues, sustainability and the challenges of urbanism, necessary to fulfill our commitment to improve the man-made environment.


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