This paper explains the need for a marketing elective course that would address the business field of fine arts marketing with an emphasis on visual arts including painting in various media including drawings and print reproductions, photography, and sculpture. The proposed course would be intended for general business students, marketing majors, and fine arts majors. The paper first reviews the overall business impact of fine arts marketing from a global business and United States perspective. The paper then suggests major topics and readings that would be included in such a course and the order in which these topics might be presented. These topics include the unique marketing situation of fine arts as an industry area with reference to motivation and perceptions of fine arts artists regarding the concept of marketing exchange, the nature of fine arts as an opaque market, the structure of the industry by which fine art is produced and brought to the public, and specific techniques that fine arts artists might utilize to promote their work and themselves so as to build brand value. Finally, specific student projects are suggested including field visits and the development of marketing plans for professionally oriented artists.



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