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This is continuous research of our previous publication (Thomas et al., 2021). A new two by two study (Before and After COVID 19) X (China and the US culture) was designed to test the moderated mediation effect of the COVID pandemic on M-commerce user’s privacy proclivity, trust, and M-commerce intention! A new sample was collected from two countries in different time periods (Before and after COVID pandemic) to investigate whether M-commerce users’ concern about privacy proclivity has changed after COVID-19. Built on top of our 2021 publication, this study discovered that privacy proclivity no longer has a significant direct impact on consumers’ M-commerce intentions after COVID, as consumers’ desires for convenience outweigh their privacy risk concerns. However, privacy proclivity still has significant influence on consumers’ M-commerce Trust, therefore, it has an indirect impact on M-commerce intentions, but the impact is limited. Finally, the results from Hayes’ PROCESS replicated our previous study findings that culture plays a moderating role in the relationship between privacy proclivity and m-commerce trust after COVID-19 outbreak (Thomas et al., 2021). The impact of privacy proclivity is stronger on M-commerce Trust in China than in the US.

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