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Student participation in interscholastic athletics reached record levels in 2019-20 for the third consecutive year in Kentucky (KHSAA, 2020). Sport marketers have strongly advocated social media as a powerful and effective tool to promote sporting events at all levels. However, existing studies rarely focus on the trend for promoting interscholastic sports through social media platforms. This study examined the potential of an interactive website and online streaming service focusing on interscholastic sports may provide to high schools in Kentucky. After evaluating more than 102 high school athletic websites, the authors found schools were in need to improve the current website by replacing outdated and insufficient contents and empty links. Features such as players’ biographies, statistics, photo galleries, archives, records, video highlights and advertisements for local businesses and sponsors were ideal website contents. Based on the interview responses of 16 athletic administrators, the authors concluded the development of a live-streaming platform and interactive website would benefit various stakeholders (i.e., parents, students, sponsors, administrators, and collegiate coaches/recruiters) in many ways. Strategies, challenges, and recommendations for maintaining the website with streaming features were further discussed and made.


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