Browse the contents of 2020 Chattanooga, TN
Atlantic Marketing Association Conference

Advertising / Direct Marketing / Promotion
Chair Dr. Joie Haines, Clayton State University
Business-to-Business Marketing / Supply Chain Management
Chair: Dr. Pramod Iyer, Middle Tennessee State University
Consumer Behavior / Retailing
Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Alexander
Entrepreneurship / Small Business Marketing
Chair: Dr. Ryan Matthews, Trine University
Global Marketing
Chair: Dr. Brian Kinard, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Green Marketing / Sustainability
Chair: Dr. Jeff Risher, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Health Care Marketing
Chair: Dr. Sarah Lefebvre, Murray State University
Hospitality & Tourism / Sports Marketing
Chair: Dr. Julie Steen
Marketing Education / Experiential Learning
Chair: Dr. George Stone, North Carolina A&T University
Marketing Research / Analytics
Chair: Dr. Dana Harrison, East Tennessee State University
Marketing Strategy
Chair: Dr. David Shows, Appalachian State University
Music / Art / Entertainment
Chair: Dr. Jon Littlefield, Dalton State College
Nonprofit / Public Sector Marketing
Chair: Dr. Cheryl Ward, Middle Tennessee State University
Professional Sales / Sales Management
Chair: Dr. Anne Gottfried, University of Texas Arlington
Services Marketing
Chair: Dr. Diane Edmondson, Middle Tennessee State University
Social Media Marketing / Technology
Chair: Dr. Michael Peasley, Middle Tennessee State University
Special Interests / Case Studies
Chair: Dr. Lenita Davis, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Student Submissions
Chairs: Dr. Jennifer Hutchins, Dr. Mona Sinha, Kennesaw State University