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A Collaborative Approach to Blended Learning Design and Activities to Engage Students: A Case Study

Tulay Girard, Pennsylvania State University - Altoona
Lori Lysiak

Academic Dishonesty: Then and Now, A Comparison

Elizabeth C. Alexander
Kent Willis

An Evaluation of the Marketing Curriculum Based on Where the Arrows Land

Victor J. Massad, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Feisal Murshed, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

An Innovative Approach to Marketing Curriculum that Prepares Students for the Workforce

Diane R. Edmondson, Middle Tennessee State University
Lucy M. Matthews, Middle Tennessee State University

Business Analytics Programs in Business School: What Can Marketing Do?

Yanbin Tu, Robert Morris University

Can You Please Speak into the Microphone? Exploring Leaders in Marketing through a Podcast Assignment

Michael A. Petrochuk, Walsh University

Curating Engaging Content: Student Perceptions of Content Delivery Methods in a Hybrid Course

heather kirkwood, State University of New York Farmingdale
Thomas Tanner, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Ashutosh Dixit, Cleveland State University

Incentivizing Better Writing: The Fatal Flaw Policy

Kirsten Passyn, The Citadel
Michael Weeks, The Citadel

Strategic Aspects of E-Commerce Related to V-Commerce, V-Learning, and Disaster Relief

Alan D. Smith

Teaching an Online MBA course: “Business in a Global Economy- The BRICS Nations”

Hema A. Krishnan, Xavier University
Mee-Shew Cheung, Xavier University

The Pros and Cons of “Starting from Scratch” Marketing Research as a Tool for Teaching the Marketing Research Process: Questions Related to Developing Team Cohesion and Maximum Participation Among Members

George W. Stone, North Carolina A&T State University

You Agreed to Teach WHAT? How to Succeed in a Social Media Marketing Course!

Michelle Carpenter