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Antebellum Southern U.S. Content in Business History Courses

Timothy C. Johnston, Murray State University

College Student Financial Literacy and Credit Card Usage: Have Either Knowledge or Behaviors Improved?

Elizabeth C. Alexander, Marshall University
Deanna Mader, Marshall University

Outcomes of an Experiential Learning Project in a Principles of Marketing Course

Yvette Lynne Bonaparte, North Carolina Central University

Pedagogical Strategy to Improve Qualification Alignment of Students to the Demands of Potential Employers

Judi Billups, Salisbury University
Paula T. Morris, Salisbury University

Providing Study Abroad Students with a More Immersive Experiential Learning Environment

Walter Kendall, Tarleton State University
Tommy Hsu, Tarleton State University
Lynn K. Kendall, University of Dallas

Strategic Alignment: Improving Student Understanding of the Correspondence of Goals to Strategy to Tactics

Elizabeth F. Purinton, Marist College
Heather Weller, Marist College
Edward L. Linde II, Marist College

Student Self-Assessment of Job Interview Skills: The Need for Coaching in Marketing Education

Michael A. Jones, Southeastern Louisiana University
George W. Stone, North Carolina A&T State University

Teaching Design Thinking to Marketing Students

Deirdre T. Guion Peoples, North Carolina Central University

The One-Page Case Study: Facilitating the Use of Cases

Kirsten Passyn, Salisbury University

Using Social Media During the Hiring Process: A Comparison Between Recruiters and Job Seekers

Elizabeth C. Alexander, Marshall University
Deanna Mader, Marshall University
Fred H. Mader, Marshall University

What Internships? I Didn’t Hear About Any Internships: An Exploration of Communicating Internships to Business Students

April F. Kemp, Southeastern Louisiana University
Tara B. Lopez
Michael A. Jones
Russell W. McKenzie