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Application of New Theory in Entrepreneurship: Social Cognition

Ryan Matthews Dr.
Kelly R. Hall, Stetson University
Lucy Matthews, Middle Tennessee State University

Developing a Model for Entrepreneurs: Niche Tourism and Consumer Typologies

Michelle B. Kunz, Morehead State University
Janet M. Ratliff, Morehead State University

More Risk, Less Ability to Pay: The Compensation Catch-22 for Hiring Salespeople at Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aaron D. Arndt, Old Dominion University
Jason Harkins, University of Maine

Solving the Mystery of Social Media for Small Business Ventures

Mike Serkedakis, Kennesaw State University

Study on “Ek Cup Cha” ‘(A Cup of Tea): A Triumphant Case from Dhaka on Street Food Branding

Tanveer Kabir, East West University
Sayed Arafat, East West University
M Sayeed Alam, East West University