Director: Dr. Steve Smalt

The School of Accountancy in the Coles College of Business prepares professionals ready to use business understanding and interpersonal skills, as well as accounting expertise, to move their organizations forward. We connect theory and practice at all levels of education, in our research, and in our consultations with the business community.


We aspire to be a nationally recognized leader in influencing the accounting profession by educating our students, performing relevant research, and engaging with the profession.


The mission of the School of Accountancy at Kennesaw State University is (1) to provide a high quality accounting education to a diverse student group, preparing successful accounting professionals and future leaders in local, national, and global organizations; and (2) to influence the accounting profession through relevant research and professional engagement. We will achieve these goals by promoting teaching and research excellence, delivering innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, and fostering an ethical environment of intellectual curiosity, innovation, and collegiality.


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